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QDR Supports Our Law Enforcement Officers 

QDR Supports Our Law Enforcement Officers! 

Nearly 800,000 police officers put on their badge every day knowing they may not make it home to their families.

QDR wants to say "Thank You" to the officers who keep our families safe.

Each week QDR’s Mike, Marty and Janie will deliver breakfast to one of our Police Stations or Sheriff’s Offices. Let us know where to go this week using the form below, or via the QDR App.

This week’s breakfast provided by our friends at McDonald's.

Always grateful, QDR and only QDR!

Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Your Phone:
Your Birth Date:
Which Police Station/Sheriff Office Should We Visit?:
What city is it located in?:
What is the address?:
How many people are typically there on a normal day? (leave blank if unknown) :
Is there a day/time (between 6a-11a) that is better to deliver? (leave blank if unknown) :
Do you have a contact person for the station? (leave blank if unknown) :
What would you like to tell the officers at the station you nominated?:


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