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March 29th

Q: Drivers are doing THIS 12% more than they did 5 years ago. What is it?
A: Honk their horn

Congrats to Staton Knight of Winterville!

March 28th

Q: The average person does THIS 20x a day - What is it?
A: Complains

Congrats to Chris Bailey of Angier!

March 27th

Q: 40% of couples say they first discussed marriage where?
A: In a car

Congrats to Cheri Carroll of Fuquay Varina!

March 23rd

Q: 8% of men have a picture of THIS in their work area. What is it?
A: Their Truck

Congrats to Kim Thompson of Kinston

March 22nd

Q: 30% of people have been late to a meeting because of THIS
A: They were getting their favorite coffee

Congrats to Dustin Vanderford of Mebane!

  March 21st

Q: 52% of mothers have done THIS when their kids weren't home.
A: Play Video Games

Congrats to Rachel Webb of Wake Forest!

  March 20th

Q: 23% of people feel guilty if they don't do THIS on a daily basis.
A: Make their beds

Congrats to Kirby Simerson of Lexington!

March 16th

Q: 82% of kids in Netflix-only homes ahve never seen one of these
A: TV Commercial

Congrats to Tina Salmon of Raleigh!

 March 15th

Q: When blowing out birthday candles 1 in 4 women say they've wished for THIS
A: More time with their husbands

No Winner


 March 14th

Q: 42% of people have lied to their partner about THIS. What is it?
A: Money

Congrats to Stephanie Pierce of Four Oaks!

March 13th

Q: 70 million people will do THIS this week.
A: Fill out a March Madness tournament bracket

Congrats to Allen Lee of Newport, NC!

March 9th

Q: 74% of those surveyed said THIS was the worst & most embarrassing kind of selfie fail. What is it?
A: Unflattering filter choice)

Congrats to A.B. Rodriguez of Fort Bragg!

March 8th

Q: 1 in 3 American adults have one of THESE in their bedroom.
A: Stuffed Animal

Congrats to Ben Yarborough of Clayton!

March 7th

Q: 20% of women say THIS inspires them to lose weight. What is it?
A: High School Reunion

Congrats to Charlie Carter of Farmville!

March 6th

Q: THIS is the most annoying sleep habit of a spouse. What is it?
A: Stealing the bed sheets

Congrats to Thomas Bullock of Beaufort!

March 2nd

Q: 25% of couple do THIS when planning their wedding. What do you think it is?
A: Invite guests they hope won't come

Congrats to Annette DiBona of Fuquay Varina!

March 2nd

Q: 25% of couple do THIS when planning their wedding. What do you think it is?
A: Invite guests they hope won't come

Congrats to Annette DiBona of Fuquay Varina!

March 1st

Q:  5% of women would give THIS up for life if it meant they would never gain another pound.  What is it? 
A: Their Best Friend

Congrats to Lannes Carter of Rowland!

Feb 28th

Q: 28% of Americans think it would be easier to go without THIS for a week than file their taxes. What is it?
A: Smartphone

Congrats to Mark Edmondson of Robersonville! !

Feb 27th

Q: 4% of people think it's unprofessional for their boss to use THESE. What are they?
A: Emojis

Congrats to Brian Anderson of Sanford!

Feb 23rd

Q: 51% of people say their partner would rather do THIS than be romantic.
A: Play on their smart phone

Congrats to Gene Radford of Middlesex!

Feb 22nd

Q: 95% of singles would prefer to find a potential date HERE rather than on a dating app.
A: A Concert

No Winner

Feb 16th

Q: A fifth of Millennials says they’ve never eaten this. What is it?
A: Big Mac

Congrats to Michelle Yambrick of Cary!

Feb 15th

Q: 33% of women say a man, who wears THIS looks uncool. What is it?
A: Bluetooth

Congrats to Morgan Gleason of Angier!

Feb 14th

Q: 56% of people say a sign of true love is knowing THIS about their partner
A: Phone PIN or Facebook password

Congrats to Karen Forbes of Parkton!

Feb 7th

Q: 175 million of these are sold in the U.S. each year.
A: Girl Scout Cookies
Congrats to Laura Mastrucci of Dunn!

Feb 6th

Q: The average cost of THIS is expected to be $170.
A: Valentine's Day dinner
Congrats to Greg Webb of Rocky Mount!

Feb 3rd

Q: 23% of singles will do THIS on Valentine's Day.
A: Take themselves out to eat

Congrats to Stephanie Pierce of Four Oaks!

Feb 2nd

Q: Sales of THIS are expected to triple this week for the Super Bowl.
A: Lazy Boy Recliners
Congrats to Chris Groce of Franklinton!

Jan 31st

Q: Almost 10% of adults say THIS annual event is the most stressful thing they do all year. What is it?
A: Go on vacation
Congrats to Derek Forsythe of Princeton!

Jan 30th

Q: 6% of women have done THIS while working out. (not injure themselves) What is it?
A: Shopped online
No Winner

Jan 26th

Q: 49% of single men only THIS 4 times a year. Guesses?
A: Wash Their Bed Sheets
Congrats to Ashley Morgan of Lillington!

Jan 25th

Q: Some people place THIS liquid on their windshield in order to de-ice it. What is it?
A: Vinegar
Congrats to Emily Gilbert of Bear Creek!

Jan 24th

Q: 44% of women want to receive THIS on Valentine's Day.
A: Handwritten Love Note
Congrats to Angie Holmes of Sanford!

Jan 23th

Q: % of people with THESE are perceived as smart.
A: Straight Teeth
Congrats to Stephanie Woods of Durham!

Jan 19th

Q: 148 million people look at this during the week. What is it?
A: Weekly Coupons
Congrats to Ashley Morgan of Lillington!

Jan 18th

Q: Doing this for just 30 mins a day, 5 days a week can boost a man's libido.
A: Gardening or landscaping
Congrats to Dre Angelo of Spring Lake!

Jan 17th

Q: Tuesday N.I.T. - 58% of women say they feel sexy when they wear THIS. (hint - not lingerie, belongs to their partner)
A: Their partner's sports jersey
Congrats to Lindsey Tichenor of Cary!

Jan 16th

Q: Women spend 36 mins a week worrying about THIS.
A: Worrying about not being tan enough or too pale
Congrats to Elizabeth Torres of Raleigh!

Jan 12th

Q: 31% of people believe they have landed a job (in part) because of THIS.
A: Lucky Underwear
Congrats to Buddy Vaughan of Henderson!

Jan 11th

Q: 21% of kids say that if they were president, they would do THIS every day. What is it?
A: Eat Ice Cream
Congrats to Staton Knight of Winterville!

Jan 5th

Q: $65 is the monthly avg. for what?
A: Allowance kids get, in homes where allowance is given
No Winner

Jan 9th

Q: THIS will change 31 times during the course of a woman's life.
A: Dress Size
Congrats to Susan Farrell of Burlington!

Jan 4th

Q: 35% of people have done THIS in the Winter to improve their mood. What is it?
A: Used a tanning bed
Amanda Honeycutt from Fort Bragg

Jan 3rd

Q: 18% of women do this before stepping on a scale. What is it?
A: Pray
Congrats to Nikki Lyles of Louisburg!

Dec 20th

Q: A new survey shows that 10% of families will do this before breakfast on Christmas day. What is it?
A: Argue
Congrats to Kim Allen of Angier!

Dec 19th

Q: 1 in 4 men say they never use this common product
A: Deodorant
Congrats to Devan Wilkins of Louisburg!

Dec 15th

Q: The avg. person will walk 20 miles this holiday season while doing THIS. What is it?
A: Christmas shopping
Divon Brady of Bear Creek!

Dec 14th

Q: 36% of kids have done THIS during the holidays. What is it?
A: Cried in Santa's Lap
Congrats to Nick Humbarger of Benson!

Dec 12th

Q: Monday N.I.T. 4% of people will sell THIS on eBay.
A: Unwanted Christmas presents
Congrats to Matthew Separk of Creedmoor!

Dec 7th

Q: 33% of adults can name all of THESE popular Christmas helpers.
A: All of Santa's reindeer
Congrats to Leigh Wolfe of Richlands!

Dec 1st

Q: A new survey says that 43% of people usually regret this. (Hint- has to do with holiday season.)
A: How much money they spent for Christmas
Congrats to Stephanie Pierce of Four Oaks!

Nov 30th

Q: 20% of men don't do this on a daily basis. Hint – It has to do with hygiene.s
A: Change their undies.
Congrats to Maurice Aldrich of Goldsboro!

Nov 28th
Q: 50% of people judge others by this
A: The type of cell phone they own.
Congrats to Chris Narron of Benson!

Nov 23rd

Q: The average woman owns 8 of these. What is it? (hint - appearance)
A: Jeans
Congrats to Stephanie Pierce of Four Oaks!

Nov 22nd

Q: 69% of men say this is the worst thing about the holiday shopping season.
A: Wrapping Gifts
Congrats to Joe Scichilone of Beulaville!

Nov 21st

Q: 50% of people have never done THIS during the holidays. What is it?
A: Kiss under the misletoe
Congrats to Teri Malpass of Dudley!

Nov 16th

Q: After money, THIS is the top reward employers give their employees. What is it?
A: Lunch
Congrats to Robert Richardson Castallia!

Nov 15th

Q: The avg. person spends 15 hrs every year doing THIS in the Winter. What is it?
A: Attending Holiday Parties
Congrats to Susan Farrell of Burlington!

Nov 14th

Q: 47% of people say THIS is the most un-thoughtful holiday gift someone can buy
A: Lotion
Congrats to Cassie Czechowicz of Seven Oaks!

Nov 10th

Q: 33% of men have tried to impress a woman by doing THIS.
A: Learning how to play a musical instrument
Congrats to Jan Bobeck of Holly Springs!

Nov 9th

Q: The average woman keeps THIS for 12 years. What is it?
A: The same hair stylist
Congrats to Cynthia Middleton of Raleigh!

Nov 8th

Q: 50% of people have left a store because they disliked THIS. What is it?
A: The holiday music the store was playing
Congrats to David Smith of Mebane!

Nov 7th

Q: 27% of singles won't date someone who doesn't do THIS.
A: Vote
Congrats to Crystal Merritt of Roseboro!

Oct 27th

Q: 37% of parents think a child should stop doing THIS by age 16.
A: Trick or Treating
Congrats to Brian Anderson of Sanford!

Oct 26th

Q: 44% of adults will do THIS on Halloween.
A: The correct answer was wear a costume to work.
ongrats to Lin Gilfus of Fayetteville!!

Oct 25th

Q: 16% of women have improved their man's appearance by doing THIS.
A: Plucking Nose Hairs
Congrats to Ronnie Atkins of Robbins!

Oct 24th

Q: The avg. woman waits 29 days before doing this in front of her new boyfriend.
A: See her without makeup
Congrats to Devan Wilkins of Louisburg!

Oct 20th

Q: 15% of women refuse to tell their female friends THIS.
A: They look nice...because they are jealous of them
Congrats to Kirby Simerson of Lexington!

Oct 19th

Q: 30% of people do THIS while driving.
A: Use Snapchat
Congrats to Shawn Lewis of Benson!

Oct 17th

Q: 56% of people would rather be late for work and get yelled at by their boss than do without THIS.
A: Morning Coffee
Congrats to Ansley Phillips of Fayetteville!

Oct 13th

Q: 30% of men's clothing purchases have THIS in common. What is it?
A: They are purchased by women
Congrats to Renee Poole of Kenly!

Oct 12th

Q: In the U.S., about 7,000 of these will be hired this year.
A: Santa look-a-likes
Congrats to Brian Anderson of Sanford!

Oct 11th

Q: Wives were asked, "if you could hypnotize your husband & make him do anything, what would it be?
A: Clean the House
Congrats to Gene Radford of Middlesex!

Oct 6th

Q: 41% of women say their 2nd biggest dating pet peeve is THIS. (#1 is checking their phone) What is it?
A: Trying to impress her too much
Congrats to Mike Reihe of Fayetteville!

Oct 5th

Q: After a breakup, the avg. woman spends $782 doing THIS. What is it?
A: Giving themselves a total makeover
Congrats to Stephanie Pierce of Four Oaks!

Oct 4th

Q: Nearly Impossible Trivia - 40% of couples argue about THIS while in the car. What is it?
A: Where to Park
Congrats to Shantique Franklin of Raleigh!

Oct 3th

Q: Redheads do THIS more in their cars than anyone else.
A: Sing
Congrats to Jeremy Downing of Spring Lake! (& yes, he's a red head)

Sept 29th

Q: 10% of women always carry THIS in their purse. What is it? (hint - not pepper spray or cosmetics)
A: Chocolate
Patty Rice of Spring Hope!

Sept 29th

Q: 10% of women always carry THIS in their purse. What is it? (hint - not pepper spray or cosmetics)
A: Chocolate
Patty Rice of Spring Hope!

Sept 27th

Q: 50% of people keep THIS hidden in their home. What is it?
A: Love letters from an ex!
Congrats to Katrina Fowler of Raleigh!

Sept 22nd

Q: 56% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn't offer THIS. What is it?
A: Access to social media during the day
Congrats to Billy Long of Timberlake!

Sept 21st

Q: 7% of women have been told by their boss to do THIS.  
A: Wear high heels
Congrats to Kelly Persinger of Louisburg!

Sept 20th

Q: 15% of hotel workers have found THIS in a room.  What is it?  (hint - something very personal)
A: Dentures

Sept 7th

Q: 20% of women find THIS in online dating profiles a turn-on.
A: Photos of Pets
Congrats to David Moore of Timberlake!

Sept 14th

Q: 33% of women hate it when a man does THIS when being romantic. What is it?
A: Blow in their ear

Sept 7th

Q: 9% of football fans would miss THIS to attend the Super Bowl
A: The birth of their child
Congrats to Brian Norman of Lexington!

Sept 6th

Q: 58% of mothers refuse to drop their kids off at school without doing THIS first.
A: Putting makeup on
Congrats to Daisy Ford of Raleigh!

Sept 1st

Q: 56% of people do this on a date b/c it makes them feel more confident.
A: Wear Black
Congrats to Charles Carter of Farmville!

Aug 31st

Q: Women are 50% more likely to do THIS than men.
A: Sing in the Shower
Congrats to Kayla Brown of Wendell!

Aug 30th

Q: 88% of people believe doing this helps them land a job. What is it?
A: Wearing shiny shoes
Congrats to John Cush of Raleigh!

Aug 29th

Q: 53% of men don't know how to do this.
A: Tie a Tie
Congrats to Isaac Jordan of Lemon Springs!

Aug 25th

Q: 10% of people would rather lose THIS then their cell phone. What is it?
A: Vacation Days
Congrats to Julie Bell of Raleigh!

Aug 24th

Q: 30% of parents get stressed this time of year when doing THIS for their children.
A: Packing the children's school lunch
Congrats to Melinda Wehbie of Raleigh!

Aug 23rd

Q:  18% of us say we've been late for work because of this.
A: Forgot their cell phone and went back for it
Congrats to Curby Simerson of Lexington!

Aug 22nd

Q: 17% of working women say THIS happens to them on a weekly basis.
A: Getting asked about by a co-worker
Congrats to John Cush of Raleigh

Aug 18th

Q: 62% of women wouldn't date a guy who had THIS.
A: A pony tail
Congrats to Stephanie Woods from Durham!

Aug 17th

Q: 65% of same sex siblings have fought over THIS. What is it?
A: Borrowing clothing without asking
Congrats to Janelle Sanford of Timberlake!

Aug 16th

Q: A toothbrush is the item most forgotten by vacationers. What's #2?
A: Underwear
Congrats to Charlotte Patterson of Louisburg!

Aug 15th

Q:76% of women have given their partner one of these. What is it?
A: A "to do" list
No winner today!

Aug 11th

Q: 63% of people would choose THIS over their significant other if they had to.
A: Their Pet
Congrats to Melinda Scott of Maccelsfield!

Aug 10th

Q: People who do THIS for half an hour everyday live 2 years longer. What is it?
A: Read
Congrats to Terry Craig of Fayetteville!

Aug 9th

Q: 62% of people would be unwilling to do THIS if their partner asked them to.
A: Become A Vegetarian
Congrats to Jeremy Lucas of Goldsboro!

Aug 4th

Q: This is the #1 Summer Olympic sport people say they like to watch the best.
A: Swimming
Congrats to Stephanie Brawner of Youngsville!

Aug 3rd

Q: 62% of women have done THIS beauty treatment before their wedding.
A: Waxed their upper lip
Congrats to Devon Foor of Clayton!

Aug 2nd

Q: According to a survey, THIS is the #1 pick up line.
A: "I forgot my phone number, can I have yours?"
Congrats to Brian Anderson of Sanford!

Aug 1st

Q: 65% of women have made their partner do THIS before going out. What is it?
A: Change his shoes
Congrats to J.T. Boone of Zebulon!


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